New mixtape of sorts on Soundcloud

I worked on a mix of other people’s music, trying to avoid extremely well known artists/songs, and also avoiding music my friends or I are in. So here’s an eclectic mix of songs sequenced like an album, with many songs overlapping and doing creative mixing things like effects, crossfading, splicing, etc. Some artists I’ve loved for a long time and others I just found out about. (Namely Mishio Ogawa, all her stuff is fantastic). Here’s the tracklist:

1. The Cardiacs
2. Mishio Ogawa
3. The Kelley Deal 6000
4. Bark Psychosis
5. Devo / Dälek
6. Of Montreal
7. Magma
8. Matching Mole
9. Lilys
10. Dälek
11. Mahjongg
12. Martha and the Muffins
13. Moondog
14. Major Organ and the Adding Machine
15. Genesis
16. The Frogs
17 . Charles Hayward
18 . Mount Eerie / Djivan Gasparyan
19. Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins
20. Mishio Ogawa / Flying Saucer Attack

New 4-way Split Tape on Aubjects featuring Gushing Cloud

Noosphertilizer II 4-way Split Cassette on Aubjects

Back in September, Aubjects, a new label run by D. Petri, released Noosphertilizer II, an exciting new tape. It features Gushing Cloud, Homogenized Terrestrials, Arma and Refusenik, and Nigel Samways. Follow the link above for images and more info. I listened again to the GCloud portion and it’s in the realm of my earlier, beat based improvisation stuff, but more free flowing and branched out. It goes into strange little corners yet always returns to a beat based mood piece, whether that mood be meloncholia, spring time childlike joy, cold abstractionism, wily tape edits, and even a dreamy romanticism.

New Review at Tuning Into The Obscure

GC’s Beat Wings in Vain album got another review, along with 3 other Intangible Cat/Aubjects releases (from the upcoming Amalgamated full length debut, Homogenized Terrestrials, and Dog Hallucination). These are from the blog Tuning Into The Obscure. Here’s what they had to say:

Gushing Cloud – Beat Wings In Vain – CD

“Another fusion of electronic rock and modern classical with touches of jazz, ambient and IDM. Well, to be precise, this one is harder to pin genres to. Despite that, this is packed with variety, unique flavors and tones to keep you satisfied. Rich in guitar patterns, textured sound clips and voices, electronica flavored beats, piano, sax bits, and synth, this album really has everything you could want. And if the previous releases were hard to draw comparisons to this one is even harder, if not impossible.  Like the others, you’re going to have to take my word on it and check it out.  AWESOME. (4.9 out of 5)”

Follow This Link to see the other reviews in the label showcase of sorts.

New Review

Got a review of Beat Wings from Wonderful Wooden Reasons today.

“The folks at Intangible Cat have been sending some interesting music my way for a little while now and this one is no exception although it is a little different to those others. What we have here is an altogether more melodic and decidedly psychedelic beast that the previous experimentalisms. With hints of krautrock, San Franciscan psyche and the crusty space dub excursions of folks such as Ozric Tentacles it makes for a fascinating listen as it wanders along its merry way . It’s been a while since I’ve really delved into this type of thing although back in the early nineties when I was considerably more chemically assisted than I am now I loved me some trippy, bouncy music and this is bringing back some nice memories. It’s really well done, has just the right balance of restless energy and swirly mesmerics and is filled with colour and wonder. “

New related project, Radon Candy

Cory from GC has teamed up with Dan Burke (Illusion of Safety) for a new musical project, Radon Candy. Here’s the blurb from the website:

“Actuated with a desire to indulge in an abstraction of metrical structure and create music as wildly open as it is musical and engaging, the project features sampling, noise, disembodied voices, & synthesis tangents all with an anchor in beat, pulse & groove. An unabashed & unapologetic interfusion of musical styles and trends: disco, techno, tribal, rock, house, freestyle, noise, mash-up, electronic, minimalism, jazz, rock, fusion, prog, & metal…..every source & inspiration is fair use and fair game.”

The site has some live improvised demos, some of which are quite exploratorily bouncy and dense. Come take a look!

Also of interest: we have our first show! It’s March 16th at the Burlington in Chicago. Find details at the Burlington website or find the event on facebook. This will be a semi-improvised fun-fest!